new owner in the westmids

stephen cbr600

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Nov 14, 2009
hi brought my cougar and joined the site a few weeks ago and spent them weeks finding out info about the car for when i get it fettled up been trying to get a haynes man for it but found out on here they dont do one, i only want one for the easy things like oil oil fillter air fillter and plug changes.. will paying the £13.00 subs get me all the info i need .. so far am very please with the cougar brought as a winter car to keep me bike tucked up.. things ive done so far new front brake pads and tyres all round ouch on the orig tyre size 215/50/16,s so went with a more afordable 205/55/16 .. but i tink the front discs my need changing too .. fink im gonna be busy for a bit well he goes my 1st post of many...
Hi there,
Welcome to UKCougar, everything you need to know i here in the subscribers sections, Plug changes and which plugs are best to use, There are also group buys and discounts on some things, plenty of people to give advice if needed, and a few laughs on the way, ohh and a couple of crazies thrown in..
Welcome to the club mate!

Subscription is well worth every penny and if your lucky you might even be near a nice member or two who will help you to do some of the jobs.

Get yourself along to a meet or two if you can as we always have at least one car in bits
Hello and Welcome Stephen, hope you enjoy your time with us and get all the info you need on how to service ya Coug. As Dave said above (DYG3474) - get yourself along to a few of the meets. Also there are a few other members up your way, so look out for'll get flashed and waved at alot if your spotted! lol

ps. Get some pic's up of your Coug soon.
Welcome to the club mate, the next nearest meet to you is at Donington on 31st January, there seems to be a lot going and there's a thread somewhere. Ginja I think is your nearest neighbour, he works in the Wharf Tavern where we had our Christmas meal, very nice (y) (y)
Hi and welcome to the club (madhouse) great bunch on here and a few laughs to be had along the way,i'm up here in east mids, loads of info no manuals made for cougar but all the info is either in subscriber section(£13) or the members are both knowledgeable and helpful,as well as a little mad. there's a biker bit in off topic as well :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
Tony (y)
Hi and Welcome to the club.

Get those subs paid and you will find it will pay for it's self as the comic Jethro said in a year.

Seriously Welcome and enjoy.
Hi and welcome to, your in the right place for all things cougar related, as well as some crazy banter. You will also be able to find all the fixes you need in our subscriber sections. Have a browse around the open forums and get a feel for the place, maybe pay a visit to the OFS. Remember! is the only workshop manual for the big cat.
Hi Stephen & welcome to UKC.(y)

I've not been here long myself, but I can deff recommend the info & offers the subscription opens up, you'll find just about everything you'll need from a manual, that also allows you to ask questions.;)
hi thanks for the welcome glad to know theres a few owners closeby as might be needing a second opinion on 1 or 2 little probbs i have but so far the 13.00 subs is well worth it also do you guys add each other to msn messenger .. happy new year to all