New owner on the Northants/ Oxon border



Hi, just bought my first cougar after a weekend of intense looking, a mint 2.5 on a 'w' plate in black, with 46K on the clock and stacks of history, the 120 mile drive back was a joy despite the weather and the M6.

It has one minor fault that it shares with another 2.5 I drove at the weekend in that the battery/ alternator light comes on around 5k rpm, theres no apparent dimming of the dash lights or anything else untoward and it starts fine etc, anyone had a similar experience ??

I shall be paying my £13 asap to get into the private sections to try and get to the bottom of it, as well as trip to a garage for someone to get a meter on it etc.

Other than that minor issue, I love it, and hope it doesnt suffer the same fate as my departing Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo. . .:nonod:
Welcome to the club mate, someone will answer your question I'm sure (y) (y)
Hi and welcome, the battery light at higher revs is usually a first sign that your alternator is on the way out.
My ex son-in-law hd a Fiat coupe that ended with turbo blowing apart in spectacular fashion(served him right :>)
welcome to the forum mate. sure i remember reading about thebattery light comingon hen i was looking for mine...... best of subscribing and searching the forums but like RichK says I'm pretty sure its your alternator going. Hope you get it sorted great car especially with that low mileage!(y)
welcome mate - remembering old posts suggests the alty.

Not the easiest to change according to those that have done it
Thanks for the welcome peeps, payed up the £13 and it seems it will probably be alternator related but probably worth a very close look at the wiring first (after playing with diagnostics and a meter etc)
The info on the onboard diagnostics appeals to my inner geek and is probably worth a small chunk of the membership alone.
Hi Andy and welcome to the home of the cougar. Now you have paid your subs you have access to everything you will ever need to know about the cat. Just ask the question and someone will give you the right answer.
Hi & welcome aboard mate. I had the identical fault on my W reg X-Pack V6, it is almost definitely your alternator fraid (though worth checking the wires to the alty first incase they've come adrift) & a bitch of a job to change if you're thinking of doing it yourself.(y)
Welcome aboard Andy!! The battery light is triggered by a sensing wire that plugs into the regulator, the light is solely operated by this. I have researched this to death as I'm on alternator number 4 in 18months and have finally got everything working wicked!! There is a slim possibility that a weak fuse in the aux fuse box could be registering an incorrect reading on the charge circuit but 99% you'll be needing a new alternator. They are around a £100 plus your exchange fee if applicable and a pain to change!

Got it down to a tee tho and I'm only up in Rugby if you need any pointers ;)

Enjoy the car mate and if you get stuck, shoot me a PM.
Welcome AndyC, I'm an Ebony owner too. Sorry to hear about your problems - hope you manage to sort it - the advice from Kully (aka V6Singh) will proberly help you a lot.
Collecting a rebuilt/ guaranteed alternator from Daventry for 120 notes in a couple of hours and will be printing of the 'how to' to help the mechanic who looks after our cars (and to help keep the hours/ bill down) although hes a bit put off by the tales of it being a 'mare. He will be checking out the wiring first though, just in case.

Kully, do you twiddle spanners for a living or can you be tempted with cash/ doughnuts to swap out my alternator ?

Ironically the people who I am buying the alternator from sold one to the guy (trader) who owns the car I test drove in Daventry on Saturday. . .

So its all good really, when buying a car for such low relative cost I always try to leave a bit in the kitty to cover these sort of things and try consequently try not to get too peed off when/ if they occur, still love it too bits though.

Thanks for such a warm welcome and support, its very refreshing.

I'm just up the road as well, so if you have problems there'll be a few of us to help (y)
So I went to collect the alternator, watched him test it and whilst talking rubbish for a few minutes he mentioned a mechanic friend down the road fitted one yesterday (to the car I test drove on Saturday in Daventry) and reckoned whilst it could be a pig it took him 1.5hrs or so. A quick phone call later and the mechanics got the car and his lads dropping me off in the town centre for a long lunch.

So here I am sat at home, alternator fitted for less than £200 !! Great service from both concerned.

Happy days.