New Owner



Hi, I'm Tonym77 - a new owner of a silver '99 Cougar, based in the Midlands.
I met a guy in Manchester who bought it down from Edinburgh, looking lovely on top, but very sad underneath. So, after I flooded Morrisons carpark with gas thanks to holes in the fuel supply and overflow pipes, I garaged it to find out the sub frame is too corroded to pass an MOT. (Even though it passed five days ago in Scotland)
Anyway, without further ado, I had the fuel repair done in a midlands garage and I now have to be aware of a possible rear sub frame replacement before next year. What a lesson, but I'm determined to
get over the problems and soldier on. Nice car.
A big hello to everyone here.

hi and welcome tony,how bad is the subframe? It is possible to repair rather than replace,iam presuming its holed and the arb brackets are rotten?
welcome to the club mate, you have come to the right place for info/advice, if it is too bad to be repaired, you may find someone selling one on here with various cats which get broken over the year, keep your eyes peeled in the classifieds (y)
WOW ! What a great welcome ! Thank you all ! I shall definitely stick with it, because I love the car, and with only 45k on the clock, I have the life of it to enjoy, just gotta get the underneath problems solved and I'm done !
Cheers to you all.
Hi pauldf1971, Er, well, the days of me fixing these things myself have probably gone, consequently I wouldn't know what an 'arb' bracket was if it bounced off my head. So, seeing for myself that it wasn't in great shape, the garage only confirmed my fears, so I'll just get a replacement and get them to fit it. Cheers,
Hello and welcome aboard Tony. Sorry to hear you've had a few issues with your Coug. Hope you get it sorted soon mate.
Hiya mate the modeo mkII has the same subframe but a smaller arb get one from a scrappies and spend some freetime cleaning it up prior to next mot.