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hi every 1 i have just got my self a 2000 cougar 2.5 24v any real problems i should know about
Hi and welcome,the cougar doesn't relay suffer from any major problems as such,but it has a few common problems like- PAS cooler suffers from leaks,water pumps fail due to plastic impeller,cam chain rattle,thats just to name a few but those problems can be sorted no problem.Also this fourm will help you loads and save you loads if you subscribe.
hi and welcome to the forum, as with all cars there will be problems, but you will find members of the forum will have come across all of them before and will be able to advise if need arises, (y)
Hi Andy,

The only problems are going to be the same as Mondeos or most other Ford's from the same time.

Two main unusual things with the Cougar are the wishbones are unique to it (apart from the Mondeo ST200) and the tyres are an unusual size if you're on standard rims.
Hello and welcome aboard Andrew, you've got the same model as what colour you got? Ebony? Frosty? Blurple? Green? Get some pic's up of your Coug soon.
Hi Andrew, hope you are enjoy Cougar life. I've had mine for over 5 years now and loved it. It's not had any problems that you wouldn't get with most cars. The only thing I did discover (too late) was that it is fussy about it's alternator. Worth a read up on the site before changing it if you ever need to.