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I have just got my cougar and had it for about a week now. I love it and always wanted one so could not be happier until this morning. My drivers side window packed up and wont open. Any ideas as to what the problem could be, motor or relay? the relay clicks when i try to open it. Other than that its a pleasure to drive as i have always had mondeo's in the past and they are a bit boring. Any advice on the window?



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Feb 2, 2008
Devon, UK
Welcome aboard mate, good to hear you have the car of your dreams, sorry to hear about the window problems. If you get your subs paid (£18), then it will open up the forum and there will be an answer in the "How To" section. This is the home of the "on-line" manual for the Coug as Ford never produced one. It will be the best £18 you have ever spent.


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Aug 17, 2009
New Ollerton
Welcome mate, as Tim says, get yourself subscribed and you will find the answer to everything, even the meaning of life if you look hard enough !!

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Oct 7, 2009
Hi stejeyuk, welcome to Sounds like you need to replace the switch, same as I had to when I first bought mine.(y)


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Jul 5, 2009
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Welcome to the club Ste, you've chosen a truly special motor car and I hope it brings you as much pleasure as it has to me. I've had a bit of a rubbish day today to say the least, so I'm going to console myself by hopefully helping someone. Pop the switch out of the door and disconnect the wiring plug (be careful not to let it drop back inside the door or you'll need to remove the door card to retrieve it). Take the switch away and douse the living bejesus out of it with WD40, then leave it somewhere to air dry. Once dry, refit it to the car and see if it now works. I'm not promising this will work, but I had the same problem when I first got my car, someone gave me this tip and it worked for me - here's hoping you're lucky too.



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Nov 20, 2006
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