New rear - Badge, ( twins, lights, and Pid's panel )



Three hours cleaning and polishing.

Worth it though

That is a spanking clean cougar!!

I like it, very smart!

Lewy - I know I am usually cleanin it all the time, but when I saw you it was a while!!!!!!

I missed a bit????? Where?? hahahahaha :D :D :D

Thanks for comments guys
superb finnish, that is one clean, shiney cougar :D must admit that when done proper black looks a lot better, unlike my silvercat that never looksas good a finnish, almost makes me want to turn to the darkside :LOL:
Black looks messy when its dirty but when its clean like cossie's is, i think its a fantastic colour, whereas the silver never gets that gleaming shine but doesn't seem to show the dirt. Why can't the scientists etc come up with a compromise :? :wink:
Seeing as you've all complimented me on the finish of my car - I'll put some more pics up!!!



Thanks for all your comments guys.