new start



well this is my second cougar, last one was frosty, loved it but thought id try blue this time round :wink: and just started on it, just got the new wheels, need to get discs and calipers done now, they really look bad now they are more visable with these wheels.

just polished up as was pretty poor when i got it, a new begining, a new cat 8)


looks fabby! what id like to know is when you got a dry day to do all the polishing!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
side repeaters deff on list
always sunny here in fife lynz :LOL:
and im a she :wink:
jaks said:
side repeaters deff on list
always sunny here in fife lynz :LOL:
and im a she :wink:
Thank you for clearing that up, no doubt Stewart will be along shortly now we
have another lady on the forum, to introduce himself (& his initiation ceremony) :roll: :wink:
well been busy today

crystal side repeaters and calipers painted :)



Pid_16V said:
very nice matey but, have your calipers dropped :eek: :LOL:


they are very bright and shiney clean orange, looks good (me thinks i need to give mine a good clean and maybe another coat of paint :? )
:LOL: no they havent dropped for the eagle eyed peeps you will have seen one pick was of front was pic was of back

had the car in for paint restoration work and machine wax, there were alot of small scratches all over it. well worth the money and will be easier for me to wax up myself now :wink: