New way of running for sale

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Aug 9, 2007
You will notice that the old for sale section is now off limits.. This is because of recent problems we have been having moderating this section.

You will now see a new button at the top of the page marked classifieds. This is now where all for sale threads are going to be kept.

The system runs very similar to ebay. You post a thread in the relevant section and attach pictures, descriptions, postage costs and item locations and also a price and timescale that you would like a listing to run.

Members can view the listing and either contact you about the item which will then PM you for, or click the buy button showing that they are willing to pay the advertised price. Once this button is clicked the lisiting will then not accept any other bids from other members.

Registered (unsubscribed users)

You can view and contact sellers regarding threads and also buy items but you cannot post for sale threads. This is forum policy and there are no exceptions.

So do we have to start a new 'non UKCougar' clothing items in there as well :(
So whats happened to the old threads like my sale one with lots of parts in it? if it has gone for good it would have been nice to know prior so i could have saved it.

Does this now mean i have to list everything separately??? i do hope not.....
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