New Wheels


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Feb 14, 2009
Luton Airport
as you may remember I killed an alloy in a pothole about 3 weeks ago, after trying everywhere to get 1 alloy to match and trawling ebay for 3 weeks I finally gave up and purchased these today

I know there are longevity issues with wolfrace wheels, especially the diamond cut laquered ones, but I got 5 of these 18"X7.5JJ for under £300. That gives me a spare for next time i hit a pothole :eek::eek: is selling these for over £500 still so it was a bit of a bargain i reckon - will post some pics when i get them tyred up and on my Cat :)
Very nice, I like them a lot (y)

Diamond cut to the edge of the rim.....I bet you'll be keeping well away from any kerbs with those on - I know I would :LOL:
Nice Alloys mate, bet you can't wait until they are on the car ? - Maybe wise to wait till the bad weather passes this week though to keep them looking shiney for as long a s possible !
I too fell foul of a Pot Hole the other week, damaging one of my ST170 Alloys, so can sympathise with you on that one - They are a Damn nuisance, to put it mildly.

Great choise of alloys mate - they will look the business once you get them fitted. What tyres you running on them?
Great looking wheels on your CAT GG, they suit the shape of the car.
There are so many nice wheels out there to choose from.
I on the other Hand Like the 16" wheels As I like plenty of Rubber to roll on.
Ihave buckeled low profiles in the past and not to keen on the road comfort they offer.

Thats why I sprayed my Cougar wheels Black. Ilike the more American Look.

And spindleboy43........those alloygator wheel protectors look superb ! might put some Yellow ones of those on my wheels,
may go well against the Black with the white lettering painted Yellow to suit !

All the Best guys,