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:oops: Hi all, firstly i'd like to say this car is a beast, very rapid indeed! I bought my cougar off a cousin but its got problems locking? hence the cheap price!! Im not sure what it is but i press the lock button and it seems to double click and the doors aren't locked???? could it be a fuse? the fobs got a new battery, and it wont like even using the key??? any help would be greatly appreciated.....also please forgive me if ive posted this in the wrong place!
Hello and welcome Luke, sounds like a dodgy door actuator - when you say 'double click' do you mean it sounds like it's locking twice? If so the central locking won't stay locked becasue it thinks there's a door open. Could be a loose wire/plug or might be that the assembly itself is shot. Either way door cards off and have a rummage and wiggle the wires and check the plug.

It is in the wrong place, but as you're new we won't set you alight :devilish: the subscribers section is the place to be for problems & fixes, accesable for a measly £18 a year.

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Hi Luke and welcome. Run the door locks self test program first. These cars are full of electronics and require diagnostics and help correct faults before taking things apart, in the subscribers section.
thanks for the info, the door panel will be off at dinner-time! can ya buy the replacement actuators off ebay??
they are cougar only parts..

sounds like a pin switch to me rather than the actuator as the car isnt locking at all.. its trying to lock, detecting a door open (when its not) and unlocking
If you can find a Cougar that's being broken then yes, the MKI/II Mondeo ones might be the same, but would need someone to confirm.

Hi all - Just joined the forum myself but am a second time cougar owner and having the same problem. Just had my MK2 Mondeo estate binned by a truck and so gone back to what I know and like but I have the same issue which I cant seem to work out.

Firstly - the Mk2 mondy solenoid is completley compatible with the cougar - just swapped it out myself. You need to swap the lock barrel linkage wire though as the mondy one is much longer butother than that - good to go.

My problem though is that now its fitted i'm getting the same double 'clunk' noise. The unit was working when it was removed from the mondy. What i did notice is when i first removed it from the mondy and then immediatley re-fitted it - it didi the same thing. I'm wondering if its some sort of an alignement issue?
Cable, mine does it if there is too much tension it won't let it lock mine plays up needs a new cable and routing properly, check it where the cable goes into the actuator plastic collar etc.

Tried the cable - Checked all three for any excessive tension - eben removed the inner door handle cable to check - no change - press keu to lock - locks then immediatley unlocks. Disconnect power to newly fitted actuator/Sov and the remaining locks (boot and second door) lock with no problems. Its very bizzare - rspecially with a unit that I know worked before removal.