Newbie from Birmingham



Hi all i am Will living in Birmingham, just got my first cat after having a few scoobs, vecs and golfs.

here it is as i picked it up.




got a question for you all (first of many no doubt, and before its mentioned i WILL be paying the subs lol)

When i brought the car the guy had done the water pump but the coolant light under the temp gauge is on all the time, so do i need this reset or is it the sensor to say the coolants low (it aint as i have checked) i know its a common fault.
Hi and welcome to the club... Nice looking Blurple you have there...(y)
As for the coolant light it could be a sensor that's faulty if the level is ok...(y)
But i am sure some other more technically minded peeps will be along to help soon... :yesnod:
Hi Will & welcome to UKC from a Leicester cat just down the road.(y)

Can't help with your question mate as I have the technical know-how of a lettuce, but someone will be along soon with an answer for ya.:)
thanks all, and will attend a meet, gotta get that light off as its irriatating the hell out of me lol
Hi Will, and welcome to, your in the right place for all things cougar related, as well as some crazy banter. You will also be able to find all the fixes you need in our subscriber sections. Have a browse around the open forums and get a feel for the place, maybe pay a visit to the OFS. Remember! is the only workshop manual for the big cat.

When the guy did the water pump, did he disconnect the level sensor switch plug?
Look under the front of the header tank, is there a plug connected to it? if not, you should find it dangling somewhere very close by. If thats all ok, it's probably just the level sensor thats had it, not unusual. If it needs to be working properly, as i like things to be, get one from a scrappy (make sure it works) and replace it. The sensor just unscrews from the bottom of the bottle ( bayonet fitting like a light bulb)
Or you can just swap the complete header tank.
Hi Will and welcome to the forum......where's Nick?

Bring the Cat to our meet at Donnington on Sunday and we'll all have a good look and work out what's wrong with her (y)
Is it a zetec or V6?? if it is a zetec it does not have a sensor you need to pull the bulb.

kings norton matey,

as for nick(y) that the mrs, she aint into car clubs (YET) lol

PID 16V thanks mate will check the wiring when the mrs gets back with the car.
Hi Will and welcome to the club (madhouse) great bunch on here and a few laughs to be had along the way,loads of info no manuals made for cougar but all the info is either in subscriber section (£13) or the members are both knowledgeable and helpful,as well as a little mad:LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
Tony (y)
I work near Kings Norton mate just up in Rubery, you will see Tango if ever you go up the high street.