Freddie Cougar

Hi a newbie here , just popping in to say hi. I was givin my mothers old cougar in January there, it had been lying outside her house for nearly 6 months and she was gonna scrap it, so i gladly took it off her hands, some petrol, a jump start and a couple of hundred on the MOT and its been fine since, its a bog standard 2.0 16v w reg Black cat. theres a slight ding or scratch on every panel except the bootlid, so i will need to sort that out.

as i said before i just popped in to say hi , so Hi

Hello Jay, another Ebony Coug saved and sounds asthough will be restored back to full health again. Welcome aboard and good to hear there's other Black Cats out there. Cheers, Tim
hello mate welcome

might be worth browsing ebay for a black cat thats being scrapped or your local scrappers for some panels