no more fried eggs !!!!!



here u go alan and rob,take the pi*s no more,they have gone:dita:

Wow!! You're on a roll. Love the sign under the alloy on the wall about making sure that your wheel nuts are tight???:skep:
hehehe:ihih: I still like them, and I'm keeping them on my car. I admit the orange side repeaters were howling though. I bought smoky ones.
Ah Smokey side repeaters now that's where its at. When I bought my car the orange repeaters had been swapped for pale yellow ones???? what was that all about then??? :eek:ut:

I too liked my standard alloys but couldn't wear the cost of tyres in the long term. Managed to sell mine on Ebay for ?ú80 :yikes:
Might put the yellow ones up for sale.

"Golden coloured side repeaters for sale one of a a kind. be the only one in the UK to own these.":ihih:
robs buying my orange ones,hes told me he wants to go back to standard ones ?????