Old Pictures from Silverstone 04



just a few pic's that i found from a meet at Silverstone track about 2004, hope you like em.








sorry to any dial up's out there.
Thanks for posting the photos mate, some familiar faces of the Class of 2003 when I first joined

We had some good meets back then... :smile5:

Excellent post (y)
18 -19 on wheel size, that i can remember-lot's of beer gone through the system, since then.
wow they look huge for 18s.. i have 18s and they dont look that big !
Yep 18"s on cougarfella's car and he does still have them altho they are defo not that shiney anymore unfortunatly, i forgot how good my pink cougar looked lmao.
I've just noticed a time travling cougar...the silver one next to Jasons has a rear-infill pannel...but I thought alan Pid came up with that idea last year? :0

Neil, aka skindemon designed the first infill, he used to own RichKs Cougar from memory, he designed and fitted it in late 2003, I think I first saw it at the Star City meet in 2003 (y)
Thats right Mitesh, then i bought it from RichK, I still have that original infill. The ones i produce though, have a much easier means of attachment and are fractionally broader. I also make them to fit individual exhaust exit pipes.

ahhh..... back in the days when I had a shiny car:smile5:

shame it's not looking like that now:(:(

I do still have the wheels but they are in my garage waiting for a strip and re-finish (when funds allow)