One of the various car club meets at the pub I work at


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Sep 20, 2004
Atherstone, North Warwickshire
I'm not quite sure this is the correct place to stick these but anyway, these are some pics I took tonight of the VW camper van club meet at the pub (excuse the quality but its off my phone and it was 9:45pm)
This big "Day Van" also showed up
Next time the MX-5 owners turn up I'll get some pics, as they usaly fill the car park. We even had a load of Scooters on Sunday as there was a big group meet in Stratford (about 60+ drove past the pub in convoy)
MX-5 Owners club First Wednesday Night of the month (every month, these guys are fanatics) You will have to excuse the pics I took them with my camera phone from the kitchen as it was busy.