Our new Cougar

phil robbo

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Oct 4, 2004
.. is in fact our old cougar, bought our Cat back off Tony yesterday, many thanks to Tony for giving us the chance to buy it back, and for being an absolute gentleman.
The Scooby is staying, that is my car, the cat is in Di`s name .. log book insurance the lot, but she may lend it to me every now and then.

Nice to see it back where it belongs. Di, if I were you, now you've got it back, I'd be very careful letting Phil have the keys - you might find he's gone and sold it again :devilish:
Only just seen this. Oh the lengths we go to just for a bit of peace and quiet. Glad Di has got her cat back and you did get your scooby as well. result all round.
Hi and welcome to ukcougar.com, your in the right place for all things cougar related, as well as some crazy banter. You will also be able to find all the fixes you need in our subscriber sections. Have a browse around the open forums and get a feel for the place, maybe pay a visit to the OFS. Remember! ukcougar.com is the only workshop manual for the big cat.:angel:.............:LOL:

Seriously! Nice to see it again on Sunday at Harewood, and Di obviously in her glory. Does this mean i have to prepare a new "Welcome" message?
Two new female ROUSH cat owners on the forum within a couple of months, great stuff (y)
at least when the scooby displays engine management lights and stops at the side of the road Di can pick you up in something reliable :LOL:

Welcome to the forum Di, I'm sure as a 'new' owner you won't be as grumpy as the one before last!!!!

Brilliant news to cheer us up, nice one guys (y)