Painting Plastic Roof Toggles


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Mar 13, 2008
Have been doing a little painting today and I mean a little.:eek6:

Have had to do a far amount of driving the last couple of weeks and I had noticed that I had lost one of the small plastic caps that cover the small holes on the roof where the roof bars would locate.:nonod:

The next day went to a scarppie near me on my way home, which I already knew had a 2 liter Milena blue cougar that had been drowned. Some French kid decided that it would be better floating than on the road.:eek:ut:
B****r no luck, somebody had beaten me to them as I was sure that they were their in the first place.:incazzato:

So try again, next day afterwork found a breakers in the town and go along to them. Yes they had a Cougar and yes we have 3 of those plastic parts. Great, took all three for the price of a coffee.:LOL:

Now I am going to mastic them all in and I have 2 spare.
Those were from a scrappy. I dont know how much they are new but I guessing more than I payed for the three.