Paints & Body Repairs Review Template

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Mar 30, 2012
Please try to follow the below template/layout when reviewing paints & body repairs products.

  1. Set the thread prefix as the overall rating of the product (5 to 1, 5 being best)
  2. Thread title to only include brand and product name
  3. Include an image if available
  4. List the product specs/description
  5. List good points (or N/A)
  6. List bad points (or N/A)
  7. Review Conclusion
  8. Purchase price
  9. Purchased from (Include name and link if online)
  10. Product quality: (Rate 1 to 5)
  11. Value for money: (Rate 1 to 5)
  12. Overall rating: (Rate 1 to 5, same as prefix)

If your reviews don't follow these guidelines, it runs the risk of being moderated.
Not open for further replies.