partially polished intake



here are pics of my partially polished intake just needs sanding after i had it sandblasted to fix a few tool marks and had the rest of the burs removed enjoy i will keep you all updated from this post on!

haha its ok to hijack its a pain in the rear tho just be warned!!!!!!
I too have a spare UIM, plucked from the Bay of e for the sole purpose of having it mirror polished. That was a year ago and it's still not been touched...
well paul once i manage to sort something out to get my other uim to me,i have a guy doing that and my spare tbh for £40 all in
its a small workshop,one man band near a place i was working.seen his work sitting at his door and went and showed him a pick and told him i wanted uim and tb done
I'll be very interested to see pics of the finished products. At that price (if he want's more business, that is!) it'd be a comparitive bargain, even factoring in courier fees.
i will have to wait till i can get mines cougarforced up to me rich,wont be doing the underside of it as its pointless