Passed the MOT.

About time we saw it out and about again!
It gets very very little use these days. I think I have put a grand total of around 1000 miles on it in the last 5 years or so. But it does pass the MOT without issues as well. It is in a dry garage and I never use it in the rain now either. I think that might have helped things. Plus I got under it years ago and treated the underside which has worked for sure. I also got rid of every sponge I could find as these are what kills the car in the end.
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still looks great! well done on the pass.
Thank you. It is not to bad, but it is far from perfect these days. You never know, I might one day put it back in the body shop for a complete freshen up. It has help up really well over the last few years, but as I have said before, it rarely gets used as well now. I have no desire to sell it, break it or use it much. It owes me nothing now at all given 15 years of ownership. So we will see what happens in the years to come. I doubt I will ever attend a car show in it ever again as I am well past those days now as well.
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