Photoshop..anyone Help Please?


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Feb 2, 2008
Devon, UK
Hi All,

Anyone clever enough out there with the photoshop software who could do a photoshop of my Cougar with the following alloys:


Thanks guys (y)
I think, if you like bright wheels, these will look great on any colour cat . (y)

I'm going for a particular look, the car will be (when finished) Black and Chrome theme. You will see what I mean hopefully next year when I get it all done. Going for quite a subtle look too.. lol :LOL:
C2 lights as well?

Will have to wait and see...all very much depends upon budget. First will be the exhaust system and induction kit, then lowered and then alloys as well as other bits I'll be doing myself. Will be doing a bit at a time, save a bit...spend a lot!!!! lol :LOL::LOL:
Must say does look good go for it :yesnod:

Thanks mate, will be doing that next year, when got the dosh saved, as want to do a few other bit's first. The alloys will be one of the last finishing bits to go on. But wanted to get an idea of what she could look like and I am liking what I am seeing :D
I think IIRC Roachford Tyres did these wheels, they also used have a Cougar that you could fit them to on their web-site, although it was YELLOW for some weird reason?

Yeh, been on that site, that's where I first saw the wheel. The YELLOW Cougar doesn't really do it justice, so wanted to see what it would look like on my own car. Shame they don't allow the pictured Cougar to change colour ie. Black, Silver, Blue or Green lol :LOL: