photoshop request please

Richie Connor

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Jul 1, 2009
galway ireland
As alot of you know by now i still have butterthumbs when it comes to this sort of stuff :LOL:. Years ago i had a esc rs2 and she rolled on a set of alpine/ bk 171 17,s :Djust wondering if somebody can do this for me on a frosty as thinking of it, tks(y)
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The BK171 Alloys look like this - (similar to what the old style Beemers used to have one them - ie. Alpines)

Got a picture of an actual alpina one (I think) and although not my best work, it took 5 minutes, so be grateful for that :p I tried some shading / shadows but they didn't really work!

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A very classy look. I'd never have thought of putting Aplina-esque rims on anything but a BMW (I'm a bit of a Beemerphile on the quiet) but it really seems to suit the Cougar. I think they'd need to be 18s though to avoid looking 'lost'.
yep they do look good think my mind set now so searching for a good price, 18,s would look the danglies but then make the disc,s look lost in behind then theres the next mod of replacing them plus more cash plus more mods plus more cash i think u know where i,m going here:LOL: I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU TWS FOR YOUR HELP:THUMBSUP: