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Sep 20, 2004
Atherstone, North Warwickshire
Basicaly can someone Photoshop this spoiler onto my car so I can see what it looks like, its the AUTOPLAS VENOM as advertized in this thread


Heres a pic of my car if that helps its sort of the right angle
Years since I've used photoshop but can you rotate objects? Would get a better idea if you could :confused:
Matt put a side shot of your car up see what that looks like (y)
Ive been meaning to buy the photoshop program is it good?

and Matt that spoiler looks good
Dont do it! Cougar S all the way.
I wonder what a black cougar s spoiler would look like on your cat. Could look quite nice with the black wheels.
Maybe (some how I knew you were gonna say that, I must be psychic) I'd have to submit a pic or borrow a pic of ALEX 16V car as its a frosty with a Cougar S spoiler fitted and get someone to colour it in black. I do like the fact ASH has redesigned the upper one so you can keep washer now.
Go for it mate, a plastic black look and silver contrast would look great.
Anyhow here is a Side profile with the graphics (that Alan Pid is going to supply)

and from the front sideways on

I cant find a pic of Alex's car in my collection, so you will have to improvise with the Cougar-S spoiler
Here is one with the Visteon scoop i'm supposed to be getting also.

and Pauls "Beast" to show the Cougar-S spoiler :)thumbsup:)

So if someone can take all that and come up with something then they are a better man than me ;) :LOL:
Can't find many decent source pictures. Too late anyway South Parks on :D. I'll try tomorrow.

Sorry mate. Can't find any decent source pictures : (
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