pic request: black wheels on blurple cat


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Nov 24, 2008
Kaunas, Lithuania
do anybody have picture of black rims on blue cougar? does it look right?

or maybe somebody could photoshop those two pictures? (please make rims to look like ''17:))

I have grey spokes and polished rims on mine and they really suit the blue colour...
( i know there not black but just to show you a darker colour wheel on a blue cat..)


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nearest I can do mate - these have black inners. When I was looking I saw some totally black ones on a Blurple(ish) Focus i thought it looked a bit agreessive and preferred at least some chrome colour. Looking at the ones you posted they have chrome colour centres and rims so would probably look fine- its all aquestion of taste anyway. (imagine mine without the silver spokes) :):)