pic request: cougar s spoiler

Here we go - this is all I have - unless you want ones of it on my car when I had it:


That spoiler is in Canada Now!! Sorry! lol

Why do you want measurements? Its designed to fit the car - it wont be too big or too little!!
That car is stunning and that spoiler looks ace
im assuming those spoilers are impossible to get nowadays?
With the spoiler, light covers, and Roush mouldings that looks fantastic mate, beautiful!

Those are NOT light covers....:hand::hand::hand:

Those are NOT Roush mouldings...:hand::hand::hand:

The Lights are Sprayed, and the bumper extensions (spats) are from the Razzi Kit for the Cougar:



and thanks! I know she was beautiful! And i'm getting her back slowly! :D
;) whats the mater the bloke couldn't afford to spray the parts so colour coded his cat instead :LOL:

(is it me or is it Green in the one pick then Blue in the next?)

It's two different cars lol.
Ones got white wheels and the others got chromed wheels :LOL: Oh and ones blue and the other is green.

Oh!:idea: and they are two completely different cars Matt :mad2: :LOL::LOL::LOL:

ok i'm going now...............................