Pics of my baby


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Apr 26, 2009
Won't be to everyone's liking :wink5: - but might as well introduce her :LOL:

Impreza WRX SL - had it since January and have made a few mods but next week is the big one - re-mapping by this fella: :D:D:D

(Sitting a bit lower now - fitted Eibach springs last week)






Thanks Fellas (y)

Mods at the moment are:
Carbon Fibre Rear Spoiler
Front Splitter
EBC Yellow Stuff Pads
Goodridge Braided Brake Hoses
Motul DOT5.1 Race Brake Fluid
Forge Mororsports Carbon Fibre Strut Brace
Zero/Sports Cool Air Slam Pannel
Zero/Sports Intercooler Scoop Cold Air Splitter
Zero/Sports Induction Kit (with Murphy constant pressure clamps)
Bliz Air Filter (with own desigen cold air feed)
Miltec De-cat downpipe and Sports-cat centre pipe Exhaust
Magnex Oval Rear Box
STi High Pressure Radiator Cap
Eibach Lowered Springs
Throttle body coolant delete modification
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
Heat wrapped coolant pipes near air intake
and a handfull of engine dress up bits - poss more that I've forgotten!

Future mods are on hold due to lack of credit card funds!!
Possibly bigger turbo and injectors eventually, maybe a carbon fibre 'vortex generator' roof spoiler but once its re-mapped it'll be about where I want it.....for now :LOL:

Power as standard is 225BHP, running about 255-265 now and remap should hit the magic 300ish :D

And I still remember when I bought it - had myself convinced it was the perfect car and did'nt need anything doing to it.....:frown2: for about a week :LOL:
Just keeps getting better though!
Yep - best test drive I've ever had (y)

That old fella was some boy :yesnod:

IIRC - it had a problem selecting 3rd gear :frown2: didn't you? :LOL::LOL::wink5: