Pics of my Cougar...



Hi all, just posted in the new members section so thought I would get some pics up that I took at the weekend when me and the girlfriend went to the coast...




Hope you like...
Lovely looking cat you got there mate, it makes me want to get the polish out and make mine that shiney again :smile5:
When you are used to seeing so many modified Cougars on here, its nice to see a stock one looking so good :smile5:. Nice car mate (y)

Is that Filey BTW?
Thanks for the comments guys!!! Nice to know people appreciate standard ones too!!! It's Filey, love the place. When ever I fancy a bit of a jaunt out to clear the head we always head up there.... It will be getting 2 stage machine polished and properly waxed ready for the summer once all this salt is off the bloody roads!lol Should look shiny then!haha
Filey, i knew it lol. We had a caravan at Primrose Valley when i was a kid..spent many a happy weekend on Cobble Landing and the Brigg..still like to go a couple of times a year :cool: