pics of the cat and bros SVT







we have the plates its just we dont put them on lol. I want to get a Euro bracket and plate.
Lottysvdub i want your mondeo lol. i have a guy working on seeing if he can custom fit mondeo front bumper. i decided to be diff on my bros car we put a black hood and trunk on and i nightshaded his tailights and then clear coated them.
The interior is Tan and black i can get pics if you would like to see. The car needs buffed really bad. I picked it up a while ago and put the motor in. the guy still owes me the rear center cap and floor mats! I justed buffed my head lights again and they look great! Just put LED plate lights and HIDs in the headlights. If you would like to see more pics let me know guys.

Its not a legal requirement to have front plates over there - Cougars look miles better without them.

Love that red colour and the beige interior. Could you do some pics of that?
we parked in the RV parking area lol thats why the spots are so big. Also i will get some pics of the insides when i clean it up again.
the door sill plate in the drivers door is that a factory part for you guys? It says ford and i am missing the passenger side one.