Picture request

It's on the back side Rob... it's where the shift cables attach to the short arms on the selector above the gearbox.

What do you need the pic for Paul mate?
Just seeing if there is a possibility of making adjustments to shorten the shift, not just the stick throw. This is what they use on the Seats, or some of the guys drill a new hole in the standard arm. But i dont think we have one of these types of arms to do this:


We have a separate arm for fwd/bk and side/side movement Paul, they're folded steel plate with a pin pressed in for the cable fasteners to attach to. I reckon you could redrill them slightly closer to the centre of rotation and press pins into the new holes instead...
Yeh i was speaking to a guy at work about those Forge ones he has on his Seat and i said ours dont have those arms, but he said it must have. Glad to know i can remember some things about our cars. I will take a look at the gearbox when i get home: if 1/ i can be bothered and 2/ if i have the time amongst other things :skep: