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Jun 3, 2009
Sunny Scunny
Some of you will have read the ongoing saga with my car which resulted in S97 needing a new paint job.

After much deliberation i decided to go the whole hog and have a colour change.

I shopped around, gained opinions, saw previous work and decided in the end on Platinum Body Works, who are based in Barton-upon-Humber.

We discussed a few options, and in the end I decided I wanted the main part of the car to be frozen white with pearl finish, and accents (including roof) in metallic panther black.

The frozen white is a ford colour, the pearl is actually a Toyota product.

Throughout the process, the communications skills of Russ Heath (head honcho) was excellent, and he ran ideas passed me, and we discussed a couple of things mid-process with no hint of flap-age.

The car was prepped to a very good standard. Bonnet, boot, doors all taken off, rear arches properly treated and prepped and painted to try and avoid issues.

The car was completely rubbed down, imperfections sorted, primed and then painted.

All shut lines have been sorted - all apart from under the bonnet as i didn't pay the extra £500 to have that didn't matter enough to me.

So the price - £1500.

If you go for a blow over in your oem colour with all imperfections sorted then you are looking at £1000-1200.

If you want the engine bay doing - it will be £2000.

A lot of money - yes.

Worth every penny - yes.

Have i found a couple of minor faults? Yes. But they will be sorted at a time of mutual convenience with no issue at all.

A couple of trim bits need to be reseated and there is one area at the to of the very boot that needs a little touch up. In terms of runs, it is usual to find a few. I have found one, on the door sill.

None of the above is worth knocking any marks off. I am chuffed to bits and the reaction from people seeing the car in person, even if not to their taste, is that the quality of work shines through.

Very happy bunny and would heartily recommend this small but efficient and highly competent company.
Product quality 5/5

Value for money 5/5

Overall rating 5/5



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Jun 19, 2012
Sounds a good price and I certainly didn't notice any imperfections, looks really nice.