Polished and Graphics


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Oct 22, 2008
Gosport (pompy)
Spent the day polishing and applying graphics.

Plan for tomorrow is: side light bulbs, wire in led washer jets, wire in foot well tubes, Autoglym Gloss coat, clean under bonnet.... dont know how far i will get.
Very nice - and I too am not a huge fan of graphics, but those look good (y)
Thanks guys, the pics a bit iffy (cheep camera) but im happy with the outcome. As for today i got the foot well lights and washer jets wired in and de-bricked the front. (just waiting for it to get dark and i will take a few pics)
Here are my crap cam pics. :)





All my lights are 6500k Xeon (even though the cam makes em look orange)
And the foot wells are brighter that they look :ihih:
Looking good matey, liking both the graphics and the alloys. (y)

Re: Guys you spell "Peugeot"...well, like I've just spelt it! lol :LOL::LOL: Sorry, just being an "old fart" lol :frown2::LOL: