r8 style led lights


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Apr 24, 2007
leeds west yorkshire
r8 style led lights with day time pic

well i have fitted my leds in my head lights looks very good just like audi syle lights and big thank you to jezport for splitting head lights for me i can see why they take so long so heres pic doesnt do it justice really but looks good


day time picture

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Better pics? looks a bit blurry at the min and some day shots would be good with close ups too looks cool altho a bit bright think id put a resistor on them to dim them a little.

now thats a better picture thanks again jez its great at night as people think its a r8 because it has no ford badges on it

Looking good there Darren, nice one bud. Do they come on with side lights? or are they wired straight into the ignition? (y)
We wired thm to the sidelights, they make the sidelight bulbs look yellow, so I suggested that they should be removed as the leds work as sidelights.
Good old Fraud

They seem to have just made up their own cut off dates for different bits and pieces on the Cougar.

It looks like I have the American style wiring loom on my one. I wonder how many Fraud differrences there are?
the bulb outage light and brake warning light were on a 98-99 cougar. after that you may have had the dregs of the 99 overhead consoles but they were totally fazed out on the c2's
Seriously bright Daz even in the day just like the Audi set-up. I beleive that Fraud fase'd out the warning lights as they were un-reliable (I maybe wrong)
I wonder what this would look like on a C2 with its silver reflectors? Have had a little look and i'm sure you could place some bright LED strips in the lights with-out cracking open the len's !?!