R8 Style lights

That looks alright mate (I've took the liberty to post one of your pictures up...hope you dont mind)
Looking great Gunny. I've copied in another one of your pic's so we can see the rear spoiler too (hope your ok with that?)

I like the spoiler, but to be honest i am not keen on the lights. I think they should run the whole length of the light cluster. Are they a single strip of light or individual lights? When on do they look like a single light too?
Not sure about the lights but I am liking the spoiler. I have always thought that the Cat looks a lot more sophisticated with a nice subtle spoiler. At least you didn't put it on the roof!!!! :D
P*ss myself laughing. Thanks bud, Didn't fancy the roof idea.
I like the lights, do look good in the flesh.
its the standard ford style spoiler I think - same as mine.

One criticism...what are those orange things on the wings?

Aren't they illegal? I'm sure the fashion Police will have him for them! lol :LOL::LOL:

I think some nice white ones would look much better - but each to their own (y)