Racebits cone on steroids


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Aug 19, 2009

This is it compared to the normal BOMZ CONE I supply

amazing piece of kit, designed to my request in Japan using same material as K&N and cheaper.
The roar is great, improved BHP & torque.
Absolute beast.
IF there is the interest could do a groupbuy for both V6 and the zetec, will fit both
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Nice :D Looks similar to the one i've got on the Scooby - what are the dimensions please mate (length/width/fitting pipe width)?
Could be interested if it'll fit - mines a bit weather worn and wouldnt hurt to renew it. Cheers :smilewinkgrin:
Mmmmm, pink : ) I'd be in for one, as long as you can still get a CAS to it.
What's involved in fitting one of these then? Is it simply a case of 'unbolt air box, bolt cone on, reset ecu and drive away' ? Also, how much wonga are we looking at?