Re-diddled Air Intake



well, ive finally got off my arse, and rerouted my air intake, it now has a pipe going under the subframe and up into the airfilter, and now takes air in from the fog light blank panel.
noticeable improvement in pickup too.
the 2nd pic shows where the pipe goes, and it doesnt sit any lower than the exhaust, so its speedhump-proof.
all secured with jubilee clips, and secured to metal, with blue couplings used to stop knocking.
what do you think?


I have to say that looks Mighty low mate

If its lower than your sump you could be asking for trouble - Obviously this is only my opinion but having owned a very low Coug I know all about clearance importance
i think its just the way the pic has been taken, ive driven with it already, no problems over speedhumps.

i will try and get a better pic later on.

shame theres no straight route to that front "foglight" area though...
I put the weapson R on - best route but quite a pain is through the inner wing

out through the old intake hole. Take off wheel and remove liner then go down inside wing to front grill/fog light

Whole pipe is then out the way and stays really cool. Need to use a flexible run but its cheap n easy to get and you will get the benefits

Otherwise if its a direct ram you need to move battery/fuse box over and go between that and engine
heheh, yes, my filter is in there!
the kit uses the top half of the focus long ram kit with the bottom bend removed, then the filter box, which is infront of the gearbox, and then a 90ish degree pipe out through the front.

the difference is really noticeable!