re-return to cougar


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Jun 5, 2010
Hi peeps,

Had a couple cougars in the past but always gone on the quest for more power so have gotten rid in favour of turbo cars.

Fed up of turbos blowing and oil lines poppin so Im coming back to cougardom :)

Have sold my audi A3 1.8T and have bought a 1200cc bandit (its summer :angel:)

Savin up for a couple months and then buying myself another cougar! (cant wait for the V6 rumble again!)

Would love to do a 3.0l conversion at some point aswell.

Look forward to speak to you all soon

p.s. Hello Relf & Stribo if you see this hehe
This will be technically my 5th V6 lol

Cougar V6 - Black
Mitsubishi FTO 2.0 V6
Cougar V6 X - Blurple
Cougar V6 X - Blurple (engine change after I managed to warp a piston on the old one)
Cougar V6- (Hopefully black with cloth seats which is quite hard to come by lol)
You know me too well Mr S.... Seems to be an AWFUL lot of these frostys for sale, but ebonys a different story! ;)
Stribo... I may just have to go with the blurple again to show you up :p

Cougar V6 sounds like nothing else Iv ever heard (esp with the 2.5" non resonated catback I had on it just before it sold!)
Your after a V6 in black with cloth seats well there are a couple on Auto-trader right now (quite a few are C2's too) I even found a BLACK C1 with a 51 plate that has cloth seats and its only 34miles away from me so it cant be that far from you either.
Well Within my price range theres a couple black with leather. And about 1 with cloth, but it looks abit of a shed. Im in no rush though :)
Welcome back Alex, you know you just can't beat a great Ebony V6....but there again..I may be a little biased!! lol
I need me some of them headlight covers!!!

I think I'm just gonna have to go with whatever colour pops up at the time, at the end of the day aslong as it polishes up well it will be a nice cougar. Chances are its gonna be frosty as there are tons of them about, closely followed by blurple.