Reasons why I'm not lowering my cat





Blimey :eek6:, don't blame you for leaving it standard.

Was in Malvern last weekend, took a half hearted ramble by British camp...then back to the Wyche Inn for lunch :wink5:
You'd better keep your fluids topped up with a start-up on that incline !

BUT dont check them on your driveway LOL !

Top of the drive is fairly level (yup, wheels turned so the car goes into the garden if the handbrake failed :wink5:)


But you have to crawl to get off it :) If the suspension sinks at all you scrape the pavement :(

Only just bought it (house not car) didn't think the driveway looked too bad :eek:ut:
Ugh, I can just hear the sickening scrape of a splitter on tarmac : /
Get a new drive, then lower it. Do the drive yourself its a doddle>>>.
blimey :yikes: I have never seen a drive built like that, are you planning on a bit of driveway work met a couple of guys a Ginja's workplace who could do that for you if you can feed there ponies :LOL:
:LOL::LOL::LOL: aparently the proper guys doing drives weren't too impressed with their comments and beat them up :nono: .....turns out they had done some work with them and had been a little....****!

So we wont see them again :D(y)
Yeh the angle of that driveway aint right, needs gradual ramp up. Who ever designed/layed that needs shooting!