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Aug 9, 2007
I have had an afternoon altering and debugging the forum. The following things have been added or fixed at peoples requests.


I have updated the theme to suit our old design a bit more. I am aware that the correct logo isnt displaying in Internet explorer but will soon. Firefox users are ok.


Installed a new smilie pack with a few more emotes than the old forum

Swear filter:

Repaired so it now works on the forum but over 18's is not moderated. Old posts are still censored but new posts wont be.

Thanks button:

Thanks button is back at the foot of the page but all old thanks counts have been lost.

Todays post:

Todays post button has replaced the new posts button and will now show all posts on the forum from the last 24 hrs

Forum clothing shop:

Link has been added at the top of the page.

Garage images:

Are now displaying again. All profiles should have the correct images attached to them

Thanks for pointing out the errors/adjustments and if you come across anymore then please post them.

I've gone all crosseyed once again o_O

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Nice going Rob.........but! o_O.....I really miss the "New posts" button. I could click new posts and know that the latest posts only, would be listed, which meant i could keep tabs on the updated posts/threads.

"Today's posts" imo is a bit cluttered, open/closed envelopes, blues/red etc, and the list is growing, three pages now. I keep returning to posts i've already answered or read .
Maybe just me ofs, but, my thoughts anyway mate. (y)
Much much better ... must admit I hated the other new look ... it was too similar to NECO`s format, which is rubbish, well done me young cod head.
Thanks for bringing the new posts button back Rob - I was getting all confusmabubbled without it.

Also - since I couldn't give you any love and affection last time you were feeling down - here's some now

:love: :love::love::love::love::devilish:

Hope that makes you feel a bit better mate :geek:
Ha.... thing is I know its all to come back to if I do have time off.... always busy on here.. 4 hours a night easy...o_Oo_O
Thanks Rob, site looks class again. If you ever find a limit to your talents could you let the rest of us know so that we can feel a little less inferior :angel:
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