refurbed calipers


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Apr 8, 2009
well decided to fit my refurbed front calipers that have been in the loft for months since my neighbour nagged me to get it done so heres a couple of pics the rears will be done when i replace the disks

cheers dick and dar(the new dick and dom?)painted hammerite yellow they were buffed back the bare metal and painted about 4 times pics are to small seem to be having issues either to big or to small lol,need to bleed te full system as air has got in even with me clamping flexi hose i though i would get away with just the fronts but no joy,but will have to re-do all the discs as that is where my metel to metal noise is cominf from all discs perfect on the outside and all groved in the inside
Looks good Paul. Yellow calipers on recent Porsches denote carbon ceramic discs, is there somethinng you'd like to tell us? :LOL::LOL::LOL:
wish i had those discs save me from going through them lol,with the car not getting used much the build up of rust on them soon kills them
ok will have to wait as the light is fading here so not to good for pictures will try to sort it tomorrow if i have spare time
took some more pics for you shy and also have done one rear caliper not the best of jobs but had to rush it lol






cheers spent yesterday painting the rear chassis and subframe whilst i waited for the caliper to dry for second coat
Nice work paul. I think yellow calipers would look good with black, not on mine as I am aiming at a 'black and white photo' look, but they would look good. It's surprising how long a five minute job takes though eh?