results of a couple of days graft


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Jul 17, 2009
had a spare couple of days so decided to put a bit of work into the cat,many thanks to those who inspired me or provided the parts:-
fitted racebits induction kit and hoses
fitted shagmonkeys scuff plates
painted mesh grill black and fitted with pauls badge
painted rear lights inspired by lottysdub
refurbed wheels and painted calipers paint from halfords
fitted new pollen filter from ebay for £4 can you belive ,also managed to get some small oval relecters for the rear that match the rear lights (3D) but didnt have time to fit yet.
and finally a big thank you to all in here that have put my marriage in trouble and i quote (why dont you sleep in the bloody car ) :yikes: lol
a new dress will soon sort that out though (y) (y) (y)
Looking very smart mmikey. You are definitely going to have to come to Castleford now to show her off :ihih:.

Engine bay is looking particularly good. Still lovin the UIM cover but I can't find one anywhere (y)
now looking for a large blanket to tuck the cat in at night :LOL::LOL::LOL:

Funny you should mention that. Just bought a cover for mine this morning from Coverzone in Littlehampton. Had to get one that was made for a Jag cos the one for the Cougar didn't fit.
Mainly got it to stop the ba*+%$d postie scratching it with his bag.

Cat looks great btw. Especially like the engine bay (y)
Nice one Mikey - alot of work has gone into that...putting me to shame mate..I've done nothing much at all with mine...oh