Returning cougar owner



Hi guys. Well after getting rid of my 98 2.0 cougar a couple of years ago, big mistake, I finally got back into it. Got myself a 2001. 2.0 in green (wanted purple really). 65000 miles on her and gleaming. Looking forward to getting back into it Nd getting her running 100%.
couple of issues, knocking brakes under light pressure on the pedal and knocking from steering/ brakes on reverse/full lock and a dropped drivers door, but I'm sure I can get them sorted.
Off to browse the forum now to see what i've missed.......looking forward to it.


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Jul 5, 2009
I have the same knocking brake issue, I know my discs aren't warped but I also know my wishbones bushes are quite worn, I reckon this is the cause. Looks like I'm going to have to bite that £300 bullet and get them changed.


Wish it was the wishbones. Seems like it might be more driveshaft/ axle stub in this issue. New discs, new bushes all round, new arb drops. Really weird, they only knock under light braking, and I can feel it through the steering when turning......wheels off soon I think..


Thanks pid. Good to be back. Been grinning from ear to ear driving it everywhere. Struggling to get used to the green though...
After getting a mate to take her ofut and find fault with the brakes he reckons that it feels like abs but it only happens at very very slow speeds, as if you were just about to park, oh and every time you reverse and brake.


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Feb 2, 2008
Devon, UK
Hello and welcome back to the nuthouse. Hope you get those few niggly problems sorted, then the stupid smile can once more make a come back! lol

Simo923 brother sorted it very easily. The previous owner spent hundreds trying to fix it. New disc, pads arb drops, bushes the lot. 10 quid later and I had replaced 2 cracked abs rings...done and dusted...just the door hinge to replace now


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Sep 12, 2007
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Welcome back Simo. I'm sure I read on here somewhere that the doorpins sit in brass bushes, so it may just be them that need replacing.