Roderick's Car - Black Sunshine. NOT 56k friendly!



I spent 2 hours washing and polishing her today. And was forced to drive through a big muddy puddle due to a massive lorry coming the opposite way down a country lane.

Someone, somewhere hates me :cry:

Nevermind, I still got some cracking shots in! I Can't wait until the summer when the lighting will be better, and less mud!










Just a few pics then! :roll:

So what do you think guys and gals? Worth 5 months of waiting, stress, driving Vectras, and spending all my wages? I hope so!

Well worth it mate...that is superb...


"I LOVE IT".... :wink:

The question is......Do you think she was worth it all Rod?!
If she was mine then i'd say...Yes :D

She really is looking awesome Rod, well done 8) :D
8) 8) 8) 8) 8) Cool Rating overload.
Bruthas and Sistas (Church Organ)Iwant you to stand up and praise be as we come together to give thanks for the awesome and wonderous vision bestowed upon us by our beloved king.
Black Sunshine at last has entered the hallowed hall of cougar fame overcoming most tempestuous trials and tribulations where the only solution was to dream and believe and in doing so , so resolutely, so unreservedly.

Even through the dark days of despair when the gods conspired to smother and dim distant chards of light. On that dark and dusty road the twisted one was confronted and defeated with your defiance of his beastly Intentions. Love, sweet love for Black Sunshine, which endured to the end and was without equal or measure.

Bruthas and Sistas let it be shouted from the mountain tops (Or Biggin Hill :wink: ) Black Sunshine now rises with the sun and has become a holy symbol for human suffering and ecstacy, a living example of promise of and wonderment and most of all knowledge of what we must face in that long and torturous path to the sacred and hallowed hall only the righteous can enter.

W'ere goin to sing now, Choir Song No1

"I feel good"
"I new that I would now"
"I feeeel good"
"I knew that I would now"
"So good (pah, pah,)So good, I got you (Pah Pah Pah Pah Pah)

Well done mate she's lookin so bad it hurts :wink:
Very nice Rod. :LOL:

The tinted rear light work well for the overall look of the beast.

Looks very good, definitely worth it! 8)
However whats happening with the exhaust pipes? You not getting them adjusted to stick out of the rear mesh?
Cheers for all the comments guys.

Funky - You are nuts man!

However, the saga continues.

She decided that having a CV joint wear out would be a great idea today :roll:

So, she looks pretty but is off the road again for the week.

Well done Rod, you've done a great job mate. Enjoy it!!!
And there is even a dodgy video to go with the photo shoot! Taken using a camera, then uploaded to photobucket, the quality ain't exactly the "Best of British"

Nevermind, enjoy!

BTW it was probably that wheel spin that snapped my wheel studs :roll: