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Jun 19, 2012
Well I must admit that was emotional escorting Alan on his last journey but Im glad I was able to do it for him and the funeral went as well as can be expected and was a really nice service.
It was nice to see so many members in attendance to give Al a good send off.
DG was faultless on the way home, I did notice when stopped in traffic the temperature went to about 3/4 but didn't overheat so assume its normal as I'm used to V6s.
I did notice a lot of cars want to race her though.
Hope everyone got home safe and again a big thank you for John and Kathy for giving me a lift up today and to Andy for all the organising he has done to help it all go smoothly today. (y)
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Feb 2, 2008
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Much like Rich, I really got to know Al at Harewood House and again, to fit my Speedhut dials, except this time it was a little more planned, as I had called him for a chat the weekend before. 'Aye' said Al 'just bring with thee two teaspoons'.... two teaspoon's Al? 'Aye, you'll understand why when we see thee at Harewood'. Anyway, met up with Al at Harewood, and after a quick brew, Al said 'let's get on with job in hand'...then asked 'have ya brought the spoons?' With a big smile on my face, said of course, but wondered what they were for.... Anyway, Al set to work, 'right, pass them spoons here'...and then I watched the magic happen. Carefully, using the two spoons eased off the actual hands of the dials. 'best tool for the job lad' Al said. Anyway, he fitted them beautifully, and they are still in Wildcat...as far as I know. Also where Al set the hands for the dials, it reads absolutely spot on. i.e. when reading 30mph, you are actually doing 30mph. So well calibrated by Al. He was really pleased when I told him about this, as had been unsure to whether it would under/over read. Since then Al has always been a sincere friend and I have always looked forward to seeing him at meets etc. RIP my dear friend.


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Feb 6, 2011
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Just to echo Poose's post, I am eternally grateful for the level of organisation today.

Franspeed was my guide around Mansfield Woodhouse on foot, and I not only appreciate that but also the conversations we had.

However, I am so very thankful for the general guidance of "Be here at this time" that was published. I had no idea what I was doing, so knowing where to be (and when) was a great comfort on a very stressful day.