Scotland Pics (56k beware!!)



Hi everyone

Well I'm back from my trip to the highlands and islands!!

It was great to get away from everything for two weeks, just a shame that the weather didn't play ball. Still, we had some sun everyday (and some rain :( ) so we can't complain.

Didn't get any really sunny mornings to show off the melina blue in, but did my best to get a few pictures at most places we's a selection.....

A wet day in Oban... (say cheese darling!)


Sunnier times in Glen Etive...


Did my best to keep the bug population down on the way up :D


Another sunny moment....


and not so sunny....


It snowed overnight during the last week - this is Glencoe...


Sneaked into the disabled parking zone for this snap of the Eilean Donan Castle...


"Not another picture of the car!!"...


....." yep"......


Beautiful scenery near Mallaig...




Big skies near Mallaig...


"Excuse me is there anyone there? I've got a V6...."


The occasional car as nice as mine turned up.....


And some that weren't quite in the same league....


"I know it's sunny, but I'm not getting out!!"


Final figures for the trip.....

Total mileage for the two weeks - 2450 miles
Romsey to Spean Bridge (Nr Fort William) 535 miles (driving time approx 10 hours, but we split it over two days)


To Scotland - 33mpg
Day trips - 33mpg
Return Trip - 32mpg (I think we ate too many cakes!)
You've become a dab hand with the disposable camera ! ! ! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Just kidding, pictures look great as always. You seem to have an eye for selecting terrific backdrops unlike most of us whom simply hop into the nearest field. :wink:
Great pics as usual Ian. Interesting to get your mpg too, can't complain about that for a V6, can you? :D
Aussiecat said:
Great pics as usual Ian. Interesting to get your mpg too, can't complain about that for a V6, can you? :D

That's true Viv, I was pleased. It was still six tanks of fuel in two weeks though :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

.....and it's more expensive in Scotland :roll: :roll: :roll:
They are realy good pics mate, i'd go as far as to say like Press release footage, all you need is to change your no. plate for a COUGAR name plate and no one would know the difference.

Especialy your new SIG :wink:
Thoroughly enjoyed your travel pictures Ian. Better than the Scottish tourist board :D We were thinkin bout doing a similar trip although probably just one week or a long weekend. Never been up the west coast before.
Thanks for all your comments guys.

Sweet Chariot - I would highly recommend the west coast of Scotland.
We were unlucky with the weather this time, but there were still some really special moments, and the weather can change just like that so you never know....
Just expect lots of driving!!
The roads are on the whole great - real driver's roads, but this was in May, I think the summer traffic could get really annoying.... :wink:
I had a thirty mile tussle with a Z4 along roads that you would never get down south - great fun :D He got past me when I hit some traffic, then I got past him when he stopped to put his roof up :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: