Single, Twin or Quad Exhaust/Tailpipes? Which Looks Best

Single Twin or Quad Tailpipes?

  • Quad - Two Taipipes or Boxes two pipes each side of the car

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  • Single - One Tailpipe or Box

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Exhausts are as much a part of the styling of a car as it is a performance increasing mod, manufactures have really taken to this concept over the last few years.

Just look at the way Jaguar and BMW have made Quad exhausts very mainstream to day or look at the current Audi RS4 with its HUGE almost 6x4 Oval twin exhausts.

Ive had a look at quite a few Cougars on here and alot of people seem to have gone for Twin or Quad tailpipes.

So post your pic's and tick which you think looks the best on the cougar

I had a box each side of the car, a 3" Jap style universal can with straight pipework back to the cat.

I think if I was to have another Cougar (which I am) Id go for a Quad exhaust But it would have to be as subtle as possible with probally twin 2" tailpipes and more of a M3 look slightly closer togther rather than say the Jaguar XKR which has Twin tailpipes but more further out to the corners of the car
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I'm not a fan of ricer exhausts on these cars, and I don't think "quad pipes" and "subtle" are concepts which can go hand in hand personally :?

I think fairly small (by boyracer standards) inward rolled pipes, one each side of the car looks best.
I think it largely depends on how kitted out the car is, if you have a nice bodykit on then quads can look really good. But if you have just a standard Cougar I think twin on either side looks best, quads might look abit OTT.

I don't like it much just on one side, looks abit boring IMO...
had twin 6x4 ovals on my first mondeo and then opted for a single 6x4 oval on my V6, twin outlets can be very droning on long journeys

altho i voted for twin i think when i get mine im going for a single outlet but perhaps using 2.75" pipe and high flow baffles for power.
the place you get them fitted at can usually give u a good idea by placing the back boxes on stands just by your bumper so you can get a good visual representation :)
Hmmm interesting points made, I do agree some twins and quads can be alittle ott but it depends on 1) how they sit, to far out of the back and they look silly and poorly installed and 2) the size of the tailpipe, alot of people just buy universal boxes which are less than subtle but if a custom box with smaller pipes say closer to a manufactor size like 2" I think you could get away with a almost factory look.

But then all down to the owners personal tastes really, what one person really likes another will hate.

Is there anyone on here sporting a single exit exhaust other than standard?
There are people with singles and I have seen a couple of Cougars with huge Japanese style exhausts sticking out at stupid angles :? Which I really don't like, doesn't suit the car atall. The Cougar is a completely different machine altogether to a Supra or Skyline, so I wouldn't go for that. P.Whitelock had a twin exit coming just out of one side on his old zetec, that didn't look to bad....
I think the MC styling (aftermarket kit you can buy at a main dealer) done a twin piped singe box exhaust which I think you could buy from it looked ok to a point but I guess.

I do understand where your coming from with huge Jap cans, they seem to have flooded the market at the moment and for younger drivers they offer the look and the sound of something with alot more performance than what they are bolted to, to some extent I was guilty of the same thing but I quite liked the cans on mine and when i ordered my cans before I had the system custom fabricated I asked the shop for the smallest cans they had, the girl behind the counter look puzzeled and said are you sure you want the smallest they are only about 3" . . .most lads go for the 4" 4.5" and 5"s lol

When I took it back to the shop after I had it all fitted the girl come out and said Ohhhhh I like that :D

Funny she didnt like it enough to give me her phone number lol
I agree with Jamie

Dual everytime, but mine is a custom home made job

Zetec :wink:


Nice :D

What cans where they? or where they just custom items?

Looks like a very good job. Are they just back boxes or did you fabricate a whole system?

Mine was a straight through design split then into the universal cans.
:D Given the geometry of the cats rear twin tail pipes either side seems to give the best visual balance. Personally I don't think the cat needs beer cans on the tail pipes rather than pretending to be a sports car it already looks the part . On the rare occasions where I have seen them on a cat it just looks wrong and chavvy :? .
VTS_16v_Boy said:
Nice :D

What cans where they? or where they just custom items?

Looks like a very good job. Are they just back boxes or did you fabricate a whole system?

Mine was a straight through design split then into the universal cans.

They were part of a dual exit kit (crap btw) from zorsts on ebay.

The system is fabricated from the rear of the front/centre muffler back.

I am now looking for a pair of back box's which are more oval in profile so that they dont show so much from the side, i might try painting them black (as Rob suggested) to camouflage the appearance.
I see Kev SDM is hiding his cat :LOL: I'd like twins of a upswept look (just to be different) kinda like the M3/DTM my old Orion :oops: ....had the Peco DTM and the Peco 4" Big-Bore on at one time or another :wink:
lol, i had a peco 4" on my orion when they came out, both the outward rolled lip type and the more solid inward filled type :oops: with a BP285 piper race cam in, it sounded LOUD!!!!!