Six Hills

phil robbo

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Oct 4, 2004
Went to a local meet with Midland scoobys today at Six Hills Hotel, Leicestershire, great turnout for a local meet with 40 cars, big car park and a nice carvery for lunch, I can reccomend this place for a meet.



This is the sort of turnout that would refresh anyones enthusiasm.

i like the graphics, i also think that's the best shaped scooby to.

but i agree on the lights
I don't dislike the graphics - just been done to the death and a bit dated now I think.

Yeah the 'classic' shape is still well a sought after motor - getting to be too many miles and potential problems on them now though :sad:
Nice turn out Phil altho the last two meets we have had 20 ish cougs so fingers crossed a better year this year.

Got to say if I was gettting a scoob it would be a white bug eye with the hella headlight conversion and small rear spoiler with carbon splitters on the front and black wheels.

got to be honest though one of the guys at work does evo,s and scubby,s up as a hobby always great looking machines
yeah whites a nice colour but the blue with gold alloys does it for me, just cant stand some of the pillocks that should not be behind the wheel of one.

or am i just being jealous lol