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May 19, 2010
North Lakes, Cumbria
Bored to tears on shift last night and ended up doodling.
Thought I'd share the finshed piece and its development
before getting my head down.

So here goes, hope you enjoy.

I thought I'd finished but felt it was missing somthing...
zksa69.jpg tried to be flash/arty farty and didn't like it.

Then I thought I'd stick a proper Coug on the bonnet

Happy with that, great way to pass a long night.
That's a doodle??? Huh?? Blimey mate, wonder what you could draw if you really put your mind to it...very good indeed. Doodles to me are just...errrr...boxes, stars..stupid faces etc. LOL
Wish it was mate but I'm affraid I cheated and was working off a photo on my phone.
The Cougar proper was, just pictured how my cat skulks and stalks about. I did try outlining it sat up proud at first but sacked that. Maybe next time.
Cheers pal. Its somthing I used to do alot of at school and then it was just put to the side and forgot about. If I wasn't caught short the night before my sisters birthday 2 weeks ago, It would still be there.

Here's the one I did for her. She was made up, better than the usual box of chocs and bottle of wine.

You have an amazing tallent mate. To be able to draw like that is a gift. If your drawing of the Cougar was a bit bigger i'd have it as my wallpaper. Well done mate (y)
Cheers pal. Its somthing I used to do alot of at school and then it was just put to the side and forgot about.
I can relate to that Carvetii, art was the one thing I was any good at too, but I don't seem to find the inspiration much to draw & paint anymore, which is why I tend to write poetry these days instead.

Excellent pictures both.(y)
would agree got a talent there and good to see it being used,unforunatley due to silly accidents on my behalf i know longer have a steady hand to do things like that anymore which i did used to be good at(not bumming myself up lol)
Thanks again you lot, much appreciated.
I'm going to have another crack over the weekend any suggestions are welcome. I was thinking maybe a frontal with two Cougs on each side looking through the windows.

Resized for Tiggernick