some piccies of my cougarrrrr!


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Dec 29, 2009
as requested sabretooth.....




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Jovis could you resize the pics to something like 800 x 600 please. Keeps the pages trim, Thanks :)
Fantastic pics there Jovis, I didn't realise you'd put them in a separate thread mate, I'd been waiting to see you post 'em in the 'post a pic of your cat here' thread lol......doh!!!:oops::LOL:

Stunning set of shots mate, thanks for posting the originals for us to see.(y)
A very nice standard frosty there mate - I see you have your own private road too...;)

lol i wish. I "borrowed" it!

all the little mods ive done have been in the engine bay, apart from the clear side repeaters and cougar emblems on headrests, oh and the quality brake light decal Al done for me!