something not right........


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Sep 10, 2004
can't put my finger on it......


in my honest opinion,with no disrespect,it does get a little stupid with the ice stuff,all im sayin is,i would prefer to spend my money on getting my car to run faster,but smoother,with great handling,i would also prefer to listen to the engine rather than someone serenading to me while i drive,sorry guys if you think im a bit old skool,but thats me :D
that wheel screen would be pretty sweet if you rigged it up to automatically show the image from rear view camera everytime you selected reverse, like my head unit sometimes does!
it will have a front and rear camera input to it like the old cougar did lol.

Rich nice pics but not that impressive as they are all wireless devices very easy to do!!!.

That center channel speaker/sub set up in the center console looks interesting, the X-box 360 is daft, i'm sure they could have fitted it in a better location.

Scott, each to there own mate (y) I'd prefer both, hence why I transfered the ICE from my last car (less cost to me, and I knew it would give good results) and now I'm focused on the performance/handling. Just look at the motors in the Fast&Furious films, all go & lots of show ;)