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Jan 19, 2010
Greetings all from West Yorkshire,

been thinking of getting a cougar for the past few months, and now the time is upon us, the search has started for you'll have to bear with me as im a bit of a question geek, hoping you kind chaps can help prevent me buying a lemon.

been through a rough patch with cars (the last 4 have died on me) so im really after something I can rely on.

from all ive read it seems to me that cougars are pretty bullet proof, im looking to get a V6.
is there anything in particular I should be looking out for?
any sort of mileage limit I should be wary of? (i.e dont buy over 150,000)
does £1K for a C1 V6, T&T 90,000 - 120,000 miles sound too good to be true?
I know its hard to say without seeing the car but any help is very welcome

Cheers all



Cougar bought :) see post #14
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Hi Dan welcome to the forum. The first thing I would check is the service history, V6's will run forever as long as they're looked after, after that front wishbones are a weak point, and the IMRC. To check the wishbones, put your foot on the top of the front wheel, and push, if their is much movement in the wheel, they probably need replacing. As for the IMRC, when test driving take the car on full throttle to over 4000 rpm, if you feel a kick (especially in the lower gears) around 3800 ish then the IMRC is good, if it starts to feel a bit 'limp' however the IMRC is in need of repair/replacement. Other than that, the usual stuff, lift the dipstick if the oil levels low then it's not a car that's been looked after, make sure there's no mayo on the underside of the oil filler cap etc.
Danny, I joined the group last week been after a 'Cat' for a while, best thing done in ages, my advice would be to be patient and wait for the right one, theres loads come up on ebay etc, I looked fo a couple of months before making my move !
Welcome danjay. :D

As above, service history is key.
Check the bodywork thoroughly for any corrosion.
Wishbones are expensive but do need replacing on all cats eventually.
The IMRC is not the end of the world as it's simple to replace. It could be used as a bargaining point if everything else checks out ok.
Cheers for the info

off to look at one tomorrow, 1999, V6, 118,000 miles, FSH & previous MOTs, 6 months tax, 8 months test, blue/purple...blurple as ive read lol

problem is i need a car by the weekend as mine is dying and dead, out of tax out of MOT very soon and I need a car everyday so sadly wont have time to shop around for long, but feeling optimistic :)
Hi danjay and welcome to the home of the Cougar. As previously said, Service History will at least let you know what has been going on previously with the car. Because of the wealth of knowledge available on the forum, nothing is impossible and you will find that there are members who are more than willing to help out with just about anything in exchange for a beer and a bacon butty.
Welcome Danjay, good luck with checking the Blurple one out. BTW, if you hear any knocks from the V6 then walk away...infact, no, don't!! lol As the others have said check the front wishbones, make sure oil is on the max mark, as they don't like it if their not. Other than that - just a good check around and ensure ALL the electrics work. Best of luck.
Hi danjay & welcome to mate. (y)

The cats you are looking at have fairly high mileage i.e. 90k+ & TBH, I would expect to pay no more than £1k (unless it's been modded with a few expensive extras i.e. non oem alloys, stainless twin exhaust, bodykit etc.......for just another £200-£500 you should be able to find a very tidy 99-2000 plate V6 with around 70k on the clock, if you take your time & don't rush.

Watch out for the red battery warning light on the dash when you put your foot down, as this is a sure sign the alternator may be on the way out, which is costly & a mother of a job! Other than that, see a switch, dial or knob, chekkit to see if it's all working. The cambelt on a V6 is chain driven so shouldn't need replacing & the engine should be good for best part of 200k miles if it's looked after. Hope this helps.:)
How do you chain drive a cam belt? lol Just getting you back for trying to get my girlfriend to do more work on her car.:hand:
well I bought it

comprehensive history (folder full of recipts for everything no matter how minor)
no knocks or strange noises (except I know what it sounds like)
no flashing battery light on full throttle
no play in the wishbones (recipt for new ones fitted 20,000 miles ago)
brand new tyres on rear
6 months tax
7 months MOT

couple of bad points
a/c needs a re-gas (which wont be done anyway lol)
boot doesnt hold open ... new lifters required
bonnet takes a few wiggles to open ... slack/dirty cable maybe?
scuff on bumper (will come off with a decent valet)
couple of parking dings (cant be helped, 10 year old car)

bought for under £1k = 1 very happy owner

:) :) :)

I dont like to use the word special but my word, had a 70 mile drive home and nothing ive driven has ever felt so right, already in love

many many many thanks for your helpful words of wisdom, I shall put pictures up on the weekend when shes had a good polish ... and expect a new member in the next few weeks.

Cant wait to drive to work tomorrow lmao

cheers again all
glad you got it danjay!! sounds like a very nice cat, pics will be good to see, (y)

one other niggle........

shame its blurple and not frosty:rolleyes5::p:smilewinkgrin::smilewinkgrin::smilewinkgrin::smilewinkgrin:
Hi and welcome Danjay :)
She sounds like a good 'un, glad you're pleased with it (y)